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Overall it is a celebration time. The banks are extremely competitive right now particularly with Fixed Rates. This year the banks have increased all investment mortgage interest rates (on average .25% above owner occupied homes).

This has been reflectance on APRA regulations to banks. The Reserve Bank continues to hold the variable rate. Rental Demand continues in Sydney due to unaffordability to purchase a home, increased people immigrating to Australia and not enough new construction.

Job Opportunities – unemployment rate in October 2015 was 5/8% which is a decrease of 0.2%. Latest Core Logic property values report December 2015 of the 5 Capital City values are up 8.39% in past 12 months. Average for the past 12 months for Melbourne $711,520 up 8.14%, Brisbane $504,390 up 3.14%, Adelaide average $451,830 up 0.77%, Perth average $611,333 down -0.33% and finally Sydney average $876,750 up 14.16%.

Australia is a very outdoor sporting country from school age to retirement and Australians enjoy a comfortable family lifestyle. Many Australians are looking for a good deal from the banks/lenders currently. Downunder Mortgages can work with you to find the good deals and the customer friendly bank/lender for the new finance or revising your existing loan from a choice of 35 banks/lenders on their panel.

Mary from Downunder Mortgages has helped many different Australia residents and nonresidents obtain preapproval and given people confidence. Their confidence begins firstly referring to the website (Case Studies and information) to see the truly Happy Clients!!

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Downunder Mortgages has Professionals like Mary O’Brien who have a decade worth of experience in providing our valued and loyal customers with Australian finance options.

We have a unique advantage in that we work with over 35 Australian lenders and 9 New Zealand lenders to provide you with the experience in getting your property finance.

We provide a variety of Australian mortgage and loan options for Australians First Home Buyers, Investors, Immigrants, Lifestyle, Commercial and Business. We also assist people from all around the world wishing to obtain Australian finance. Our goal is to is to help people realise their wish of owning their own home in Australia, by choosing a mortgage option together.

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Are you wanting an Australian mortgage? Usually the first thing people want to know is how much money can I borrow? We have provided a Home Loan Calculator and Currency Converter, and 3 other calculators to help you answer those questions.  It is even possible to determine the impact of any extra repayments you might have to make!

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I Want An Australian Mortgage - Where Do I Start?

We guide you through the process of getting an Australian mortgage that suits your needs.  We provide you with with a Borrowing Assessment From (1 page) amd a checklist to help you understand the steps you need to take.

We also recommend reading about Australian home loans and our case studies as an example of the wide range of people we have helped in the past.

Our Part in the Process:

  • We are able guide you about the the necessary first steps
  • We are able to assess you very quickly over the phone of your personal borrowing capacity and will take into account location you wish to purchase.
  • We will provide you with an assessment of Mortgage Repayments and Purchase costs (e.g. Stamp Duty, Legal Costs, Bank/Registration Fees)
  • We will help you obtain an approval from a reputable bank/lender
  • We ensure help for clients in every way with the solicitor, the bank and the real estate agent.  All work together as a team to assist towards a settlement of your property.
  • After settlement the assistance is ongoing for many years (see testimonials)
  • Ongoing assistance for my clients and otaining loans for them to build their property portfolio is a specialty with Downunder Mortgages
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